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Beautiful Olive Oil Cruets

  • 16 oz glass cruet
  • Hand blown recycled glass
  • Curved spout means less mess!

These traditional olive oil cruets are made of blown glass, capturing the beautiful imperfections of this medium.

The cruets pour a stream of oil perfect for preparing fresh salads. A great way to store and enjoy any fine olive oil!

Available from Tienda.

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  • 8 oz. Glass Cruet.
  • Made from break resistant Pyrex glass.
  • It's great for drizzling your favorite oils or vinegars directly onto pastas, salads, soups or fresh baked breads.

Available from Amazon!

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Spanish Olive Oil Jar

  • 16oz glass jar
  • Hand blown recycled glass
  • Made in Valencia, Spain

Store your spices, beans, salts or rice in this attractive glass jar made in Valencia. Comes with a tight fitting cork top to keep the contents fresh and dry.

Available from Tienda.

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