How to Take Olive Oil for Health?

by Suruti

I heard that drinking a spoonful of olive oil daily helps to keep our system effective and clean. Is that's true? If so, at what time we have to take it? Empty stomach-even before drinking water? Or after drinking water.(usually I drink lemon-honey as the first thing in the morning, after oil pulling) if so what oil I have to use.

My Answer:

One teaspoon or tablespoon of extra-virgin or virgin olive oil every morning on an empty stomach can have positive effects on your health.

Olive Oil Benefits

The benefits from extra-virgin and virgin olive oil come from high levels of polyphenols, a strong antioxidant that fights against free radicals and works to prevent heart disease and cancer, monosaturated fats, which decrease LDL or "bad" cholesterol that clogs arteries and makes people more susceptible to heart attack and stroke. Oleic acid, another substance in olive oil, promotes weight loss by preventing fat absorption and OEA, a by-product of digested oleic acid that convinces the brain your body is full.

Taking Olive Oil

In addition, olive oil increases the overall metabolism in individuals who ingest a spoonful each morning before eating or drinking.

Olive oil, combined with lemon juice and water in the morning acts as a liver cleanse or a weight loss tool. You must promptly ingest the emulsified mix, as water and oil do not mix. The lemon adds antioxidants, serves as a diuretic and is a source of Vitamin C, which supports the immune system, digestion and liver function.

This is not a quick means to lose weight and is contingent maintaining a healthy diet, adequate exercise and sleep. If your intent is for overall health benefits, rather than weight loss and/or detoxification, olive oil alone should suffice.

Although opinions differ, some recommend waiting a short time after taking a spoonful of olive oil before eating or drinking anything. The lemon-honey drink in the morning should be taken after and will not counter the positive effects of the olive oil.

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Apr 28, 2012
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by: susan

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