Olive Oil Hair Treatment

Did you know that you can use olive oil for hair care?

Olive oil hair treatments are all natural and effective!

Olive oil – it’s a food, right? It is a very healthy food and fat but the olive oil story doesn’t end there.

Olive oil has a number of great applications when it comes to the outside of your body, and one of them is hair care.

Some swear by it that it works to treat anything from head lice to hair loss.

Olive oil is all natural and sensitive enough for any skin type. But how is olive oil used for hair care?

How can you use olive oil for hair care?

Olive oil has more than a few applications in the world of hair care. There are so many ways you can use olive oil for your hair...

  • Use It To Condition Dry Hair - olive oil can be used effectively to condition dry hair and to repair damaged hair.

    There are some wonderful "do-it-yourself" home remedies that will not only save you money but give your hair the strength and shine you've always wanted.

  • Treat Dandruff - Olive oil works wonders in preventing dandruff. If you already have a problem with dandruff try the olive oil remedy.

    Use the extra-virgin olive oil and massage it into your scalp. Leave it in overnight. Try this remedy for about 7 days. Just wash it off using your regular shampoo.

    If you're not too keen on this remedy, try the olive oil shampoo. This may help with the overall shiny and full of body without the mess.

  • Olive Oil Lice Treatment - many folks who have used olive oil to treat head lice swear by it that it has worked for them.

  • Treat Hair Loss - Eating olive oil in your diet is not only beneficial for your long-term internal health, it's also great for the health of your hair.

  • Create Shine - Olive oil is rich in fatty-acids, which helps penetrate the hair cuticle and help treat drying hair. All women experience dry hair on a regular basis by blow drying the hair on a daily basis, using curling irons or flat irons. What price to pay for beautiful hair. Still priceless for looking good, I'd say?

    If you are looking for soft shiny hair, just put a few drops of olive oil in your palm first and rub in. Then just work it in your hair starting from the ends. This treatment is great if you are just looking for a good shine. Works well with extra-virgin olive oil or even canola oil.

In most cases the people who have used olive oil hair treatment agree that olive oil works at least as well or better than commercially-made conditioners and hair repairers. It is also very natural, chemical-free and good for your overall health, including external health.

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