How to Treat Head Lice with
Olive Oil

What is head lice and how to kill head lice with
olive oil lice treatment

How to treat head lice... Did you know that aside from making your hair softer and your scalp cleaner, olive oil is also effective in getting rid of head-pests such as lice?

Of course, this has never been scientifically proven. But plenty of folks have tried this remedy and tell that it has worked for them!

What Is Head Lice?

Head lice are tiny bugs that live on the human head. Head lice can migrate to your head directly from another person who is infested.

That means, pets or animals can't transmit head lice, which is what some of us have grown up believing. And you don't get it due to poor personal hygiene. In fact, most of the time, the head lice is transmitted from one clean head to another.

Kids are very good at picking up head lice at school or daycare. Once on your head, they make themselves at home and usually cause persistent and annoying itching of the scalp.

Getting Rid of Head Lice?

Getting rid of head lice can be tricky. The first step is to use a treatment that kills all of the live head lice on the affected person?s head.

There are plenty of commercial products on the market, but they all contain chemicals like pesticides, which could irritate the scalp, particularly if you or your children have particularly sensitive skin.

How to kill head lice with olive oil lice treatment

How to treat head lice with olive oil...

Olive oil is all safe and natural. And for many, this remedy has worked wonders. Try following these guidelines to kill head lice for good.

  • When you apply the olive oil and leave it for about 30 minutes on the scalp
  • And shampoo twice to clean out the oil. It prevents the pesky creatures from being able to breathe, which kills them.
  • In order to ensure that all of the lice are dead, the olive oil should be re-applied as needed.

While it's possible to use another oily agent instead of olive oil in the same way, olive oil is the best. It's also cheap.

For this purpose using a low-grade oil will work fine. You will find that it also smells good and it will wash out easily.

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