Amazing Olive Oil Skin Care

Natural beauty recipes from the Mediterranean

Olive oil skin care regimens are nothing new...

The people in the Mediterranean regions have known and recognized the skincare benefits of olive oil for thousands of years and have been using it to nourish and care for their body, skin and hair.Natural beauty recipes have been used for centuries.

It has been indicated that the actual first uses of olive oil were actually for the body and not for internal use.

It's impressive that the health care professionals and researchers continue to find evidence of the healing and beautifying nature of olive oil.

Today, top luxury spas around the world offer a variety of facial and body treatments using olive oil and many botanical ingredients and charge you exorbitant fees for them. Now, you can get the same benefits right at home.

Skin Care With Olive Oil - The Ultimate Beauty Secret In A Bottle

Did you know that the European women have regularly used olive oil for skin care as part of their daily beauty rituals for thousands of years?

Olive oil has been used as the source of many beauty treatments as they were used from the top of their heads to the soles of their feet.

Here are some common skincare regimens using olive oil. Try some of these olive oil treatments yourself. You just might be surprised by the positive results...

For your skin

For your feet

For your hair

For the hands

  • Strengthen nails and cuticles

Olive Oil Skin Care Beauty Secrets to Remember

  • When making your home remedies using olive oil, use the highest quality olive oil and we all know by now that "extra-virgin" grade is the purest and the best as it contain higher concentrations of antioxidants than other versions of olive oil.

  • Olive oil penetrates into skin very well so use it sparingly. A little goes a long way. Extra-virgin is also very expensive so there's no need to waste any of it. Over applying any product will leave the skin greasy so there's no need to overdo it.

  • Combining EVOO with fragrant essential oils that you love to increase the effect and also the health benefits, too.

  • In addition to home remedies and natural beauty recipes, there are some wonderful and pure olive oil-based products that are sold in specialty markets, including bath oils bath gels, shampoos and hand lotions. Try them...

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