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Save the best extra virgin olive oil for cooking!

Do you have your favorite best extra virgin olive oil?

They have many health benefits that no other olive oils can offer. They are also more expensive... Therefore, it helps to know what oil to use depending on how you plan to use it.

You can use the lower grade olive oils for home remedies and skincare.

However, for cooking, using the best extra virgin olive oils is essential!

Here are some of our favorite EVOO's for cooking that are both tasty and great for your health!

Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

olive tree field, olive tree, olive, The castle of Cazorla, Spain, evergreen, agriculture, spanish olive treesSenorio de Vizcantar Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Winner of the Silver Medal at the 2008 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

This EVOO offers the blend of juices from picual, picudo, and hojiblanca olives that produces a warm and fruity flavor profile.

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Italian Garlic Flavored
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Auguri Garlic Flavored Extra Virgin Olive OilAuguri Garlic Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What The Customers Had To Say:

"Excellent for garlic bread or with shrimp and pasta. Highly recommended!"

"I had decided that just for fun, I wanted to try what I thought would be better olive oil than what I was buying at Walmart and Sam's, so I thought I would look at my favorite online store,! It has a great flavor, and although you can taste the garlic, it is not overpowering, by any means. With the garlic flavor oil, I have mixed a little bit with some balsamic vinegar, and it makes a great salad dressing! And as for price, I think it is VERY reasonable, since you get 3 34 oz. bottles of it."

Available from Amazon

Spanish Organic
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

La Masia Organic Extra Virgin Olive OilLa Masia Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This extra virgin olive oil is sweet with a slightly tangy flavor and peppery undertones.

  • It has a low acidity level of 0.5% and a smooth finish.
  • First cold press
  • Sweet, slightly tangy flavor
  • 100% organic

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