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Check out some of our favorite books on olive oil... I've personally learned tremendously by reading these books.

The Passionate Olive

Olive oil books -The Passionate Olive

Book Description:

The Passionate Olive is the ultimate guide to this natural marvel.

Along with olive legends and fascinating history, Carol Firenze shares the myriad practical uses of olive oil through the telling of her favorite family stories and by offering unique formulas and recipes.

What Some Customers Had To Say:

"I have tried two of the uses mentioned in the book--frothing oil and water for my dry skin and freezing oil in my ice cube tray for use instead of butter. Both were great! I highly recommend this book--it's filled with interesting historical facts and fun new uses to try."

"The Passionate Olive was an amazing book for all types of families. Olive oil is one of those wonderful staples in life that I did not realize was so versatile in everyday living from pure antibodies to furniture polish!!!"

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The Healing Powers Of Olive Oil

Olive oil books - The Healing Powers Of Olive Oil

Book Description:

Lose Weight...Lower Cholesterol And Blood Pressure...Prevent Heart Disease And Cancer...Live Longer...And So Much More! Discover The Amazing Powers Of Olive Oil!

What Some Customers Had To Say:

"The health benefits from using olive oil are beyond amazing. The Healing Powers of Olive Oil has been a Godsend to me. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last year. I cried when I got my blood tests back. My cholesterol and triglycerides we're far above normal..."

"The Healing Powers of Olive Oil" is a breakthrough book that can do much more for you than be an aid to cooking. It's jam packed with wit, wisdom, cures, remedies, recipes and more..."

"Until reading this book I had no idea there were so many benefits from olive oil. I look forward to trying the various types in my home."

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