Breast Cancer Diet

Find out how the antioxidant-rich olive oil can help prevent breast cancer

Breast cancer diet and olive oil - Can olive oil cut the risk or prevent breast cancer?

Breast cancer is considered to be a serious issue in any woman's life. With changing times, there has been a change in awareness of breast cancer among women.

As far as detection of breast cancer is concerned, it has become easier and women have started getting regular mammography check ups done as recommended by their doctors, especially if you're a woman over the age of 35. This is certainly the case in the US.

Of course, if you have a family history of breast cancer, they don't want you to wait. There are other screenings that can be done if you're under the age of 30. It seems the cancer is hitting more and more women in their youthful years.

Thankfully, not only has the awareness increased, but even technology has advanced and the rate at which women are getting themselves treated for breast cancer has gone high.

That's why the surviving breast cancer rate has increased so much in recent years and it no longer feels like a death sentence. Unfortunately, I believe the rate is breast cancer is still increasing.

Prevent Breast Cancer with Diet

I truly believe prevention is still the best medicine. There are so many natural remedies that help prevent so many diseases and chronic illness, it's definitely worthwhile reviewing some.

More and more people are looking into herbal medicine and acupuncture as well to relieve pain and stress.

Changing our daily eating habits and lifestyle are KEY to knowing where your health is headed. We have full control over these.

Following a Mediterranean-style diet and lifestyle has been reviewed, researched and tested for decades by researchers around the world and they're only finding positive results.

Breast Cancer Diet:
The Link between Olive Oil and Breast Cancer

Studies have long shown that eating a diet that included olive oil such as the typical Mediterranean diet could prevent some types of breast cancer.

For example, a new study released by Spain's Catalan Institute of Oncology reports that active compounds in olive oil have the ability to help shrink some malignant breast cancers. The study was published in the BMC Cancer journal.

Cold processed oils like extra virgin olive oil contain all of the natural compounds found in the olives themselves. It has since been discovered that the polyphenols in olive oil, cancer-fighting properties, are very effective in preventing certain types of breast cancer.

Olive oil is also rich in antioxidants, which can stop free radicals from damaging the cells in your body. Besides helping with breast cancer, olive oil is also good for your heart and for controlling cholesterol.

Olive oil is also beneficial when treating ulcers and gastritis. It can also limit the occurrence of gallstones. Olive oil may also help prevent colon cancer.

Here are some recent findings from the medical establishments on breast cancer diet and the link between olive oil and breast cancer:

Olive oil helps battle breast cancer - Scientists in Spain confirm the polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil help to combat breast cancer. 2/6/09 - published by United Press International.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Compounds Fight Breast Cancer - 12/18/2008 - published by WebMD.

Olive Oil Fights Heart Disease, Breast Cancer, Studies Say - 3/21/2005 - National Geographic News

More on Olive Oil and Breast Cancer Diet

Many researches have shown positive evidence that olive oil is very beneficial in preventing not only breast cancer but other types of cancer in general. There are ingredients in olive oil such as polyphenols that have been known to inhibit HER2, which is a breast cancer gene.

Even among various types of olive oil, extra-virgin olive oil stood out, which was considered to be most effective in preventing disease. That's because extra-virgin olive oil has the highest concentration of antioxidants and other vitamins compared to other olive oils.

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Research findings have proven that Olive Oil is extremely effective to combating breast cancer and so it makes sense for women to include some amount of olive oil in their daily diet. Mediterranean-style diet that many Europeans have been following for centuries have worked wonders for them. They have seen lower rate of heart disease and cancer over centuries and there are evidences to show that this kind of healthy diet works and is great in help preventing many chronic and age-related diseases that we see today.

Breast Cancer Diet: Helpful Cooking Tips

Olive oil is healthy and the taste amazing. I'd like to caution; however, always eat in moderation. Quantity changes quality, meaning how much you eat will affect the quality when digested.

Just because something is good for you doesn't mean you should eat more. Besides, olive oil is still considered fat so it should be consumed in adequate quantities in proportion to your daily diet.

  • Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats, which is high in nutrients and very good for you. Try substituting butter for olive oil in your daily cooking.

  • Olive oil is versatile in cooking. It can be used for drizzling raw on salads as a salad dressing. It can be used to bake, saut√©, and even fry.
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Olive Oil and Other Cancers

Olive oil is a natural fighter against breast cancer. Good news is that it is not only breast cancer that olive oil is beneficial for. It has several health benefits. Olive oil acts a great fighting agent against skin cancer and colon cancer.

It is also beneficial in treatment of dry flaky skin, unhealthy or damaged hair, constipation, dry cuticles, muscle pain, ear infections and many more. Olive oil is truly versatile with amazing healing powers and very important component in breast cancer diet.

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