The Benefits of Drinking Olive Oil

When you think about drinking olive oil, don't imagine a glass full of oil…instead, many health experts recommend consuming one or two teaspoons a day.

Why? Because of the extraordinary health benefits of olive oil. Drinking olive oil can help keep your digestive system healthy as well as fix any digestive problems you may be experiencing.

For example, consuming a teaspoon of olive oil can help:

-Relieve constipation

-Prevent stomach ulcers

-Strengthen the immune system

-Prevent heart disease

-Prevent certain types of cancer, including breast cancer

Also, because olive oil doesn't contain any cholesterol, it helps you maintain a heart-healthy diet, and it helps keep your cholesterol levels under control. Olive oil also contains all the essential fatty acids your body needs to be healthy.

Studies show that olive oil helps maintain the correct balances of omega-6 and omega-3; having too much or too little or one or the other can be disruptive to the digestive and the immune systems. Imbalances can also lead to cancer.

What are some ways to drink olive oil?

bonsai olive tree, olive bonsai trees

-As salad dressing

-Mixed into a smoothie

-Drizzled on steamed vegetables

-As pan grease to cook eggs or fry fish

-As a substitute for margarine or butter in baked goods

Unlike olive leaf extract, which comes from the leaves of the olive tree, olive oil is made from fresh-picked olives.

The olives are hand picked from trees, and the best olive oil does not contain olives or twigs that have fallen to the ground. The fresh olives are milled within 48 hours of harvesting.

Although purchasing olive oil instead of regular cooking oil or margarine is a bit more expensive, the benefits of drinking olive oil far outweigh any monetary costs.

When purchasing olive oil for drinking and cooking, look for these things:

-Unrefined (so it contains more vitamins and essential acids)

-Look for a "free oleic acidity level" of one percent or less


-Packaged in a dark bottle

-Looks cloudy

Once you find a good brand of olive oil, make sure you store it away from heat and light. This helps maintain the nutrient level and the freshness of the oil. Also, try to use the bottle within one year of purchase, that way you ensure you are getting the most nutrition from your oil. When disposing of your cooking oil, follow these tips.

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