Favorite Breakfast with Olive Oil

by Adam
(Sequim, Washington)

This recipe I call Fancy toast, I have been making it at least twice a week for the last five years and I have not gotten tired of it.

Lightly saute an even number of tomato slices in a pan with a plethera of olive oil.

Whip up some toast.

Sprinkle a generous amount of Italian seasoning over the cooking tomato slices.

Put your favorite sliced or grated cheese on the toast before placing two slices of cooked tomatoes and then sprinkle parmesan cheese over the whole slice.

As an added bonus to this recipe you can drizzle the remaining olive oil in the pan over the parmesan to melt it into the bread, everything will be absorbed and the taste will change your life.

The purpose of sauteing the tomato's is to get them soft enough to bite through, I have made this recipe for people who claim that they hate the taste of tomatoes but loved this dish.

I have also used all kinds of different types of cheeses before and it always changes up the flavor in a positive way.

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