How Using Olive Oil Impacts Weight?


Will weight increase while using olive oil?

My Answer:

Olive oil will not cause weight gain. In fact, olive oil is the healthiest of all oils and many believe it can actually help you to lose weight. However, that doesn't mean preparing deep fried foods in olive oil will counteract the effects of unhealthy, processed or fattening foods.

How it Works

Present research has shown that taking a spoonful of olive oil every morning before breakfast can assist dieters in losing a pound per week. Unlike trans-saturated fats, the body is able to burn off saturated fats such as olive oil at a much faster rate. In addition, olive oil contains oleic acid, a fat-fighting substance. Oleic acid also reduces the amount of fat cells can absorb and, when converted to the hormone OEA during digestion, signals the brain to believe you are full.

Olive oil contains no carbohydrates, which in their simple form, can lead to weight gain.

Heart Healthy

Olive oil not only promotes health through weight loss, it is also good for your heart. The monosaturated fats decrease LDL or "bad" cholesterol, which increases the risk of hardening of the arteries, heart attacks and strokes.

Health Benefits

The greatest health benefits come from extra virgin and virgin olive oils, which contain the most monosaturated fats, vitamins and nutrients. In addition, you can combine olive oil with lemon juice for weight management or to detoxify your system.

In the Kitchen

Olive oil is a versatile kitchen staple. It can be used in marinades to prepare food, used in cooking methods such as broiling, grilling and roasting as well as drizzled over salads, vegetable and other dishes for added flavor. You can also add herbs and create flavored olive oil.

Mediterranean diets have utilized the properties of olive oil for thousands of years and are considered the healthiest diets. People from this region tend to have higher metabolism, less health issues and are leaner than other cultures.

Incorporating olive oil into your cooking as well as your daily health regime will promote weight loss and prove beneficial to your overall health. The effects may seem subtle at first and contingent on a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, proper rest and eating a healthy diet.

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