Olive oil as skincare helps budget

by Hamsen B Paramahamsa

Dear madams / sirs,
I come from a tropical Island and live in Germany. People from tropical Islands are used to humid weather. Europe is not always humid. Mostly it is dry. My skin dries and becomes itchy and feel very uncomfortable. In addition, when the skin dries and splits I don´t look good. When I don´t look good it is not good for the ambiance.
I used to use creams. They are a big weight for my pocket. So I decided to try Olive Oil. I noticed, unlike Garlic, it does not smell. People don´t complain.
Years have gone past nobody knows my secret, and I am 65 now and my skin has less wrinkles and looks good that people are surprised when I tell my age.

Good luck keep your skin young with less weight to your pocket.

Hamsen B Paramahamsa

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