Olive Oil cures my acnes

I am 44yrs old and have always had several pimples and blackheads on my cheek near to my ears or my nose and chin areas. I also suffer from dry skin in some areas (eczema). Remembering that I used to apply Extra Virgin Olive oil to my babies' skin, I decided to use it on my face. I was amazed at the results. Firstly, the wrinkles on my forehead almost disappeared. Second, no new acne formed, and the old ones began to dry up. By the end of day 3, my face was noticably different. Now after two weeks, my facial skin tone is more even, I dont see any more wrinkles on my face and thank God, no more acne! At nights before bed I wash my face, pat dry with towel, pour about a 1/2 tsp in my palm and massage it upwards into the skin. In the morning, after washing my face, again massage a smaller amount, into the skin, pat off the excess, then put on my makeup. Its like magic and cheap too. No more expensive face cream. N.B. it also clean off the makeup beautifully.

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