Olive oil helped me getting rid of my allergy

by Akhilanand Singh
(Pune, Maharashtra, India)

For years I was suffering from an allergic condition that used to cause continuous sneezing and running nose.

Throughout my childhood I have lived in a humid climatic conditions central regions in India. My allergic condition started getting worst when I moved to a place where there is less humidity. Medications provided relief that lasted up to a day at most. I did not want to take medicines because of their side effects. I had developed extreme sensitivity to cold (specially in head), dust and dry air.

Some 5 years back I came to know that all I needed was to keep my nasal passage moisturized. I tried everything from Vaseline, to mustard oil to coconut oil but nothing seemed to work well. Recently I came across Olive oil tried it out of desperation. And I was amazed with the results! I was free from my allergy of 15 years!! I use Extra Virgin Olive oil to keep my nose moistened. I apply it a couple of times daily.

No more spells of uncontrolled sneezing, no more running nose and headache. My tolerance to dust has also increased.

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