Olive oil saved my face

by Rohma N.
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I've been trying to attain smooth, acne free, glowing skin my entire life and as many others have spent insane amounts of money on creams, gels, cleansers, toners and any kind of treatment that promised me my goal. From shiseido to clarins to clearasil to neutrogena, you name it and i have probbaly tried it. I've bought poitions and lotions ranging from 6$ all the way up to 180$ and still, my skin would erupt on a regular basis.
My esthetitian recommended that I try unfrangranced products as the eruptions were being caused by a reaction to some of the products that I was using.Thus, after doing a lot of research online, I decided to skip commercial products and use natural ones instead.
After reading a lot about the benefits of EVOO, I came up with the following routine:
cleanser: yogurt, hint of turmeric, a few drops lemon juice and 8-10 drops EVOO

step 1: remove makeup using EVOO on cotton pad
step 2: rinse face with lukewarm water
step 3: apply cleanser on damp skin using circular motions
step 4: rinse with lukewarm water
step 5: moiturize with one drop of EVOO

its been a week since I started this regime with no other changes to my lifestyle whatsoever. And my skin looks better than it ever has. clear, glowing, soft and dewy. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with sensitive skin. good luck:)

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