The Gall Bladder Attack

I was about 23 years old when I first started having problems with my gall bladder. I would have slight pains every so often. One particular time after a having a cook out at my father's friends home, I almost fell over from the shooting pain coming from my right side. My father took me to the emergency room in which the doctor said it appeared to be my gall bladder. I went for testing later on in the week and was told I had not stones, but "sludge", a build up that could become stones.
My father told me about this old remedy using olive oil. At this point, not wanting any type of sugery, I opted for the old remedy. I took a tablespoon of olive oil for breakfast, lunch and dinner, nothing more, nothing less for three entire days. I could drink all the water I wanted. It worked.
I am now 46 years old, still have my gall bladder and haven't had any more pain until this year. So now Im thinking its time to do the old olive oil remedy again.

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